Damian Veilleux

Damian Veilleux

Damian has worked professionally as a graphic designer for over ten years. As a designer he has had the opportunity to, proverbially, wear many hats. In addition to creating designs and layouts for both print and web, he gained several years experience in photography, videography and marketing.

Damian's graphic design experience encompasses both prepress and press capacities. He is well accustomed to creating visually striking designs that maintain the highest level of professionalism for commercial printing in either 4 color press (CMYK) or for plotter output. Damain's graphic design clients have ranged from Fairpoint Communications, Hannaford Bros., L.L. Bean, the Boston Red Sox and a multitude of bands such as Metallica, KISS, Aerosmith and many more.  Damian wrote, produced, directed and co-edited a feature film entitled The Eighteenth Hour which was shown in the 2012 Maine International Film Festival. This project encompassed three years of his life, saw over 100,000 man hours and involved more than 200 people and 28 locations all over the state of Maine.

Damian understands the process of any filming venture, whether it be a major feature film or a short used by a business for social media or product advertisement. He has overseen these projects from inception, through pre-production and to project completion having completed post production alone and with a team.

Damian currently holds an Associate of Arts in Graphic Design and a Bachelors of Art in Forensic Psychology

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