Pixel Khaleesi

Pixel Khaleesi

Pixel is a purebred Border Collie who was born in the small coastal town of Orland, Maine and was easily the most elegant, and regal of her litter, which warranted her middle name of Khalessi. Pixel moved to Waterville at the bright young age of 12 weeks where she quickly learned her trade as the Catharsis mascot & motivational sleeper. Some of her favorite activities include herding cats, nibbling at sleeves, and chasing shadows across the floor.

When not playing guard dog at the Catharsis office you might find Pixel taking her owners for a walk, playing fetch, chasing her frisbee at the disc golf course, or playing with her cousins in Richmond.

Pixel has mastered the basic commands including: Sit, stay, lay down, paw, & pound it. She is currently furthering her education with classes on “roll over” and “get daddy a beer.”

She currently lives in Waterville with her two humans, Mike & Hannah, step-sisters Yawkey & Poosh, and a large collection of stuffed animals.

Contact Pixel directly with a loud whistle, which she may or may not respond to.


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