Nelson Cole

Nelson Cole

While driving a country road in western Massachusetts several years ago, Nelson saw a farmer on an old tractor stopped in the middle of a strawberry field, talking on a cell phone. The image haunted him and led to the name of a videography company he eventually started, New Farmer Films. Nelson’s goal is to combine 19th century ideas with 21st century technologies.

With that in mind, New Farmer Films focused on recording sustainable lifestyles and ideas that used the best of innovative and local ideas, from solar cars and tractors, to heating greenhouses with used cooking oil, to solar hot-water heaters and managing your own woodlot. Old and new ideas combine to create a new way of life. For the past several years Nelson himself has been learning how to farm and live a more sustainable life.

In 2007, Nelson  started a local access television program on sustainable communities, "Sugarhouse Journal," with state representative Jeff McCabe and Skowhegan artist Iver Lofving. Eventually the program was shown on stations from Bangor to Farmington, Belfast to South Portland. Short films taken from the show have been in film festivals and shown on MPBN and have hundreds of thousands of viewings on the Internet. In 2013 he won a Maine Arts grant to study location audio mixing with Mick Fowler of CSI, at The Workshops in Rockport, Maine.

Nelson is a graduate of Syracuse University. In 2009 he began working with the folks from Catharsis.

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