Craig Reynolds

Craig Reynolds

Born and raised in the central Maine area, Craig began his journey into the world of music via the piano at the young age of 5.  By the age of 8 the guitar became the main object of interest due to musicians such as B.B. King and Wes Montgomery.

Throughout his school years, Craig continuously studied music and added instruments such as percussion and electric bass to his musical arsenal.  

After graduating high school, Craig pursued a degree in Jazz and Contemporary music performance at the University of Maine at Augusta.  By the end of his collegiate studies, Craig had begun exploring the world of composition due to the desire to create his own music.  This ultimately spurred his interest in the recording arts, as he wanted to have full control over the creation of a rich sonic environment.  Craig then began including more digital and audio recording courses in his studies.

Craig composed, performed & recorded the original score for the feature film The Eighteenth Hour with the folks from Catharsis in 2011. He also creates music for many Catharsis Media productions. Most recently Craig has been breaking into the field of Production Audio working on two short films in 2014 as Boom Operator & Mixer/Recorder.


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