Edward Hoyt IV

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Edward Hoyt IV

Ed was born in Waterville, Maine forever changing the landscape of humanity--well at least his parents’. He graduated from Mount View High School in 1999.


Before joining Catharsis Media, Ed was actively practicing law with the Law Offices of Ronald W. Bourget in Augusta, Maine. The remainder of his working history include multiple stints as a pizza engineer, security officer at MaineGeneral Hospital, and Continuing Legal Education Programming Coordinator for the Maine State Bar Association.


Bridging the gap between law and video production is Ed’s brief actor career. Playing a role in a feature length film produced with a group of friends and volunteers rounds out his film acting resume. As for the stage, Ed played Detective Snow in a Lakewood Theater presentation of “Self Help.”



Ed enjoys filling his free time with a diverse array of activities, including: collecting legos, sports trading cards and comics; watching sports, following the Bruins, 49ers, Red Sox and Celtics; playing MMORPGs, tabletop RPGS, disc golf, wallyball and any game where the object is to throw something at something else.


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